• Agri weave

    For better water retention and easier crop management

About Agriweave

Spilo Technical Textiles’s Agri weave product allows for a significant reduction in water and herbicide consumption, among numerous other benefits. The product is specifically designed for use in the farming of fruit, vegetables, essential oils, olives, Proteaceae, medicinal plants and flowers.

Spilo, a division of Union Spinning Mills (Pty) Ltd, was founded in 1951 in Paarl, South Africa. The business has grown from being a producer of jute-woven bags for the local grain industry to an exporter of a wide variety of synthetic technical fabrics that supplies several sectors, including agriculture.

Agri weave is a permeable yet durable woven synthetic mulch, it permits the flow of water and air to the soil, while blocking out sunlight and hence reducing evaporation.

It also affects the germination of weeds, reducing reliance on noxious herbicides and other organic chemicals, making management of crops much easier.

About Agriweave

Suppresses weed growth

Does not permit sunlight through to facilitate germination

Water Saving

Better water retention results in less irrigation and evaporation

Constant soil moisture

Assists in root development

labour saving

Manual weeding and maintenance reduced


Reduces reliance on chemicals, herbicides, etc

Chemical run-off

Reduces chemicals leeching into underground water supplies, rivers, etc

Increased minimum and average soil temperature

Activates growth in early growing season

Decreases maximum soil temperature

Reducing plant shut down in extreme temperatures

Improved soil condition

Moisture and airflow pass freely creating a favourable micro-climate

Aerobic conditions due to airflow

Reduces risk of anaerobic diseases

Soil erosion

Blanket coverage prevents erosion of valuable top soil

Robust construction

Puncture and tear resistant

UV stabilised

For use in harsh climatic conditions.

Integrating planting lines

Assists with row allocation and spacing.

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